Readiness for new regulations
As California Registry standards are considered regulatory quality, members got a headstart to emissions reporting and were well-prepared for compliance with new laws.
Baseline protection/early action credit
Members were able to protect achieved GHG reductions. The State of California offered its best efforts to ensure that California Registry members receive appropriate consideration for voluntary early actions to reduce GHG emissions.
Expert educational services
Members benefited from educational opportunities in which they learned from climate experts. The California Registry offered educational seminars, stakeholder conference calls, newsletters and conferences.
Customized and cost effective assistance
User friendly software and technical support provided to simplify tracking, calculation, and management of GHG emissions.
Recognition as an environmental leader
The California Registry provided public relations services to assist in communicating the environmental leadership of members via written press releases, media leads, awards ceremonies, and use of the Climate Action Leader logo on products and materials.
Competitive advantage
Emissions are an indicator of waste. By measuring emissions, members achieved streamlined business processes, improved efficiency and financial savings.
Readiness for emissions trading
Many states are considering market-based GHG reduction policies that will include emissions trading. The California Registry’s credible, accurate and transparent measurement, verification and reporting system, consistent across industry sectors and borders, gives participants a strong advantage.
Stakeholder voice in policy and implementation
Members benefited from opportunities to inform key policy makers and implementers through participation in conference calls, meetings, and industry specific workgroups.