The California ClimateAction Registry was created in 2001 by the State of California with the purpose of protecting and promoting early actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Given that clear direction, the California Registry established emissions reporting protocols for entities and a database system, CARROT, for registering entity-wide emissions inventories. We have also served as a voice for our members with whom we have together influenced climate change policy, such as California’s AB32. The California Registry is proud that its members are well prepared to manage and reduce their GHG emissions and serve as leaders on a larger platform, as the issue of climate change becomes a main topic on regional, national and international levels.

Since its inception,
the California Registry has established a strong reputation for expertise in
GHG accounting and is well known for the integrity and credibility of its work.
But the California Registry recognized that any success in reporting and
reducing emissions must be based on consistent data in an integrated system
that stretches beyond California’s
borders, and to support this, the California Registry transitioned all
emissions reporting to its sister organization, The Climate Registry. The
Climate Registry ( is a nonprofit collaboration
among North American states, provinces, territories and Native Sovereign
Nations that sets consistent and transparent standards to calculate, verify and
publicly report GHG emissions into a single registry.

The last year the
California Registry accepted emissions inventory reports for was 2009. Now, all
emissions inventory reporting is referred to The Climate Registry.

We are proud of the
work we have accomplished together with our members, and we look forward to
continuing to work closely with our members to address the serious and urgent
issue of climate change through the California Registry’s parent organization,
the Climate Action Reserve.


Gary Gero