Protocols are guides for organizations to measure emissions accurately and consistently. The General Reporting Protocol provides standard guidelines for most organizations to use. The industry-specific protocols provide additional sector-specific guidance for certain industries.

The California Registry developed protocols through a transparent process with public participation and feedback. When a new protocol was in development, a workgroup was formed to give input on the development. Once a draft was completed, members of the public were invited to submit comments and feedback. The transparency and public-participation in the protocol development process help the protocols achieve the greatest level of integrity, effectiveness and accuracy.

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Protocol Revisions

From time to time, as new scientific and policy information became available, the California Registry amended the general and industry-specific protocols. All versions of protocols are available on the website, with the most recent version first. Within each document, the date revised is listed on the bottom of every page.

Questions or comments on the protocols may be submitted to [email protected].