The General Reporting Protocol is used primarily by California Registry members in calculating and reporting emissions through the CARROT while the Verification Protocol is used primarily by approved verifiers in verifying an emissions report.

General Reporting Protocol
The General Reporting Protocol (GRP) is an easy-to-follow user’s manual that outlines the principles, concepts, calculation methodologies and procedures required for effective participation in the California Registry. The General Reporting Protocol and the California Registry’s online emission calculation and reporting tool (CARROT) provide the framework for effective California Registry participation and are designed to minimize the reporting burden and maximize the benefits of GHG inventories.

General Verification Protocol
The General Reporting Protocol and CARROT are meant to be used in conjunction with the General Verification Protocol. The General Verification Protocol (GVP) provides California Registry-approved verification bodies with a standardized approach to the independent verification of GHG emissions baselines and annual emissions reported by California Registry participants. This standardized approach promotes the credibility, accuracy, transparency and usefulness of emissions data reported to the California Registry. The protocol outlines the core verification activities and explains the steps that verifiers need to complete in order to verify a participant’s GHG Emission Report. While this protocol is written for verifiers, California Registry participants who are interested in understanding and preparing for the verification process may also find it useful.