With a growing number of registries and carbon exchanges, interest is abounding in streamlining the accreditation process for greenhouse gas (GHG) verification bodies in North America. Thus, the California Registry recognized new verification bodies for entity emissions inventories that were accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and recognized by The Climate Registry (TCR), as well as those accredited by California Air Resources Board (ARB). The California Registry will not be issuing any requests for new verifier applications. The California Registry and the Reserve were pleased to be partnering with ANSI to accredit verification bodies under ISO 14065.

For more information on ANSI’s GHG accreditation program or to request an application, please visit the informational section of ANSI’s website. The website also lists accredited verification bodies enrolled in the program and the applicants currently undergoing the accreditation process.  

If the verification body was successfully approved to participate in the program, it is eligible to become accredited to conduct verification activities under the Reserve. More information regarding the accreditation process and requirements to perform GHG verification for the California Registry and the Reserve are highlighted below.

Requirements to Perform GHG Verification (August 2009)


Policy Update to ANSI GHG Applicants

ANSI has issued a new policy regarding client eligibility for witness assessments and clarifications regarding The Climate Registry and California Registry scope of accreditation. View the update.


Accreditation for Entity Verification Bodies (California Registry):

The Climate Registry Accreditation: Firms seeking accreditation status as an entity emissions verifier must be ANSI approved under ISO 14065 and meet program-specific requirements by TCR and the California Registry.


ARB Accreditation: For information, please subscribe to ARB’s mailing list for GHG verification at http://www.arb.ca.gov/listserv/listserv.php


Accreditation for Project verification bodies (Climate Action Reserve):


To successfully gain approval to conduct verification activities for the Climate Action Reserve, Verification Bodies must meet all of the following criteria:  


  • Become accredited by ANSI under ISO 14065 (or another accreditation body as approved by the California Registry). For more information on the ANSI Pilot Program, please visit their website.
  • Meet California Registry’s accreditation additional sector-specific requirements.
    Successfully complete Reserve training on its protocols, specific to the sector that the verification body is applying to be accredited under.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Reserve Project & Verification Protocols. All protocol documents may be found on our website.


To be qualified as a Lead Verifier and/or be eligible to conduct verification activities under the Climate Action Reserve, all of the following criteria must be met:    

  • Individuals must attend Project Verifier training under the Climate Action Reserve protocols.
  • Individuals must be employed or subcontracted to a verification body accredited under ISO 14065 OR an approved verification body under the California Registry.
  • Individuals must meet the internal training requirements for lead verifier status within their organization.
  • Individuals must be identified as “Lead Verifier”