The Climate Action Registry Reporting Online Tool (CARROT) is the California Registry’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculation and reporting software. The California Registry developed this unique, web-based tool as the online companion to the California Registry’s protocols. All GHG emissions data is entered and managed via CARROT. It is used by California Registry members, verifiers, and the public.


CARROT uses built-in emission factors and conversion factors to automate calculation of GHG inventories and improve consistency and comparability. Users input annual energy usage data (i.e. kWh of electricity or MMBtu of natural gas) and CARROT calculates the associated GHG emissions. Web access allows for simultaneous usage by any number of users across states, countries and time zones.

Need help with CARROT? Check out our new CARROT Guide to help members get started on reporting emissions or email [email protected] for further assistance.