The final protocols for the power/utility sectors are now available for use. Eligible California Registry members are required to use this new guidance for their 2005 emissions and onward; they may also use this guidance to report their emissions in previous years. To support the PUP requirements, eligible members must also complete an additional reporting form:


EY2009 PUP Report (May 2010)

EY2009 PUP Report (May 2010)

Power/Utility Reporting Protocol (May 2010)
Power/Utility Verification Protocol (May 2010)

PUP- Verification Activities Checklist (May 2008)

Instructions for linking this reporting form to the CARROT report may be found in: CARROT 2.0 Guidelines for Power/Utility Reporter

Release of EY2007 PUP Report
May 9, 2008

With the assistance of our approved verifiers, the California Registry has revised and updated the PUP Reporting form for emissions year 2007 (EY2007) reporting. In particular we would like to thank RMA and First Environment, whose comments on the EY2007 draft have greatly improved the information that is now provided in the Instructions section of this report.


As you may be aware, the California Registry will not be issuing a revision to the Power/Utility Reporting Protocol Version 1.0 (PUP) itself, instead we have devoted our to improving the PUP Report to reflect current policy and updates for the power utility sector. Going forward, the California Air Resources Board and The Climate Registry will be developing sector-specific protocols and policies that build upon and improve the guidance provided in the PUP v1.0.

Attached please find the new EY2007 PUP Report. These reports are built in Microsoft Excel and we have utilized a number of Excel functions in this workbook that should make it easier for you to report (many of the calculations will be done for you) and should help ensure consistency between reporters.

Improvements to the EY2007-PUP Report include:

  • Detailed instructions on how to complete the PUP Report
  • Clarifications on geothermal emissions & reporting emissions from co-generation
  • Enabling users to determine if the electricity deliveries metric should be calculated
  • Updates to the HFC & PFC worksheet

To view for the Power/Utility Reporting Protocol (PUP), please visit the Power/Utility Protocol page at