Version 1.1

Due to improvements in emissions factors, better sector guidance and updated language, the California Registry has felt it appropriate to provide an updated version of the Power/Utility Reporting and Verification Protocols (PUP and PUVP). The PUP/PUVP update does not represent a comprehensive overhaul to the protocol, and eligible power utility reporters will continue reporting to the California Registry in the same manner as when using Version 1.0. Please review all changes summarized in the following document:

Power/utility members of the California Registry should now calculate and report emissions according to Version 1.1 of the PUP as well as submit the most up-to-date PUP Report with their CARROT submissions. The most current documents are linked below.


Version 1.0

The California Registry’s Power/Utility Workgroup had been working since January 2004 to develop draft reporting and verification protocols for entity-wide reporting within the electric power generation, transmission, and delivery sectors.

Following Agency and public review, the Power/Utility Workgroup made additional revisions and clarifications to the draft protocols and presented final drafts to the California Registry’s Board in April 2005. This meeting was open to the public, and meeting details were forwarded to the California Registry’s listserv.

Since 2005, the final protocols have been available for the power/utility sectors. Eligible California Registry members are required to use this guidance for their 2005 emissions and onward; they may also use this guidance to report their emissions in previous years.

The California Registry has improved the PUP Reporting Form to reflect current policy and updates for the power utility sector. Going forward, the California Registry will adopt reporting guidelines of the California Air Resources Board and The Climate Registry that build on and improve the guidance provided in the PUP Version 1.0.

To support the Power/Utility Reporting Protocol (PUP) requirements, eligible members must also complete an additional reporting form know as the PUP Report. Since 2005, the California Registry has annually revised and updated the PUP Report for emissions years 2005 and 2006. On May 9, 2008, the California Registry completed a revision and update to the PUP Report for emissions year 2007 (EY2007). Special thanks to verifiers RMA and First Environment for helpful comments incorporated in this final version.

The EY2007 PUP Report is a Microsoft Excel form that should make it easier for members to report (many of the calculations are completed automatically) and should help ensure consistency between reporters. This form is REQUIRED to be used and uploaded for all eligible PUP users for 2007 emissions.

Improvements to the EY2007-PUP Reporting Form include:

  • Detailed instructions on completing the PUP Report
  • Clarifications on geothermal emissions & reporting emissions from co-generation
  • Enabling users to determine if the electricity deliveries metric should be calculated
  • Updates to the HFC & PFC worksheet


California Registry’s Power/Utility Workgroup
Business Council for Sustainable Energy
California Climate Action Registry
California Energy Commission
Calpine Corporation
Environmental Defense
Electric Power Research Institute
FPL Group
New York Department of Environmental Conservation
Pacific Gas & Electric
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
San Diego Gas & Electric
Southern California Gas Company
World Resources Institute
Facilitation: M.J. Bradley & Associates